Positive Words Dominate

My favorite positive-sounding words in alphabetical order: Adventurous Brilliant Clean Delightful Energizing Fun-loving Gorgeous Healthy Impressive Joyous Keen Laughter Masterpiece Nutritious Optimist Power Quality Remarkable Spirit Tremendous Uplifting Vital Wonderful Xenosthesia Yummy Zippy So, once you have a list like this, what do you do with it? I try to use one of these words […]

Images from Adjectives

Everywhere and pervasive, images are what accompany this barchive and many others. We have images of ourselves. We have images of media personalities. Words create images in our heads. Especially when laced with adjectives. You can change the idea around with the adjective. You can change the feeling with the adjective. You can change whether […]

Artful Misspelling

Or should it be titled Artphul Messpelling? No. There’s a limit. You have to know the limit. If you go too far, your artfulness will dwindle and your annoyance will sky-rocket. Last time, I focused my efforts for China. This time I hope I can benefit the good people of Czechoslovakia. I’m not sure why […]