A Bob Ross Positive

It really is easy not to like things. Or rather, I should say, it’s really easy to express a negative opinion about things. Especially art. Especially your own art. Art is easy to dismiss. Art is easy to criticize. It’s easy to find the faults in a piece of art. Everyone with a mouth can […]

Pulling Out of a Slump

That’s all it takes really. Look above. A picture of a blue-eyed kitten is a great way to deal with the doldrums, the blues, the slump, the blockage, the writer’s constipation. So many names for a low-down mood. So many ways to define sorrows. Why do we do it? Why do we spend so much […]

Positive Words Dominate

My favorite positive-sounding words in alphabetical order: Adventurous Brilliant Clean Delightful Energizing Fun-loving Gorgeous Healthy Impressive Joyous Keen Laughter Masterpiece Nutritious Optimist Power Quality Remarkable Spirit Tremendous Uplifting Vital Wonderful Xenosthesia Yummy Zippy So, once you have a list like this, what do you do with it? I try to use one of these words […]