What will you find when you get there?

What’s your favorite kind of ‘blog? The food kind, the introspective kind, the one that’s only about Kung Fu? Or are you a health and wellness fan? Do you like to read about innovations in fitness? New trends in diet? Do you like the sports ‘blogs? Do you enjoy the funny ones? The sarcastic housewife […]

Kitchen Items for the Culinary Impaired

Number One: Instant Pot. This device is apparently the go-to appliance for anyone with lots of desire but little talent. You don’t even have to turn the thing on. It’s automatic in every way. You don’t have to gather the ingredients either, they appear instantly, like on Star Trek. For me: Oreo cookies + Cookies […]

The Great International Baking Show

  It was a beautiful misty day in the U.K. The morning rain was getting lighter and keeping the air moist. “Misting” as we say back where I’m from. I had landed a spot on The Great International Baking Show, a pilot episode of a new program, so I was in the tent with my […]