If I could eat everything…

If I could eat everything… Would I? Would I eat it all? Would I be the ultimate omnivore? Would you, would he, would she? Pie and cake? Truffles and caviar? Would I devour pebbles, boulders, even mountains? Cats and dogs? Dogs and cats? Cows and sheep and fish and chickens? Whales and dolphins too? Would […]

Sparky Boom Boom

This year’s American celebration of burning things and exploding things (known as the fourth of July, or Independence Day) was particularly difficult for those with PTSD. Mainly it was because the “big” shows were canceled, and every single freedom-loving American was thinking the same thing: “I’ll do my own fireworks show.” And that’s exactly what […]

Don’t Mention It.

Breaking from the normal thought processes, I’m going to offer some blogging advice: Don’t Mention It. That’s the gist of it. Keep your mouth shut. My blogging advice is to keep your mouth shut. No not really. Not entirely. I’ll explain. For explanation, I’ll offer up the examples I’ve seen, the first of which is […]