Comedy Queens (and the suicidal art)

I’ve been cruising through some comedy material on Twitter. The funny lines make me laugh, which cheers me up, which keeps me from yelling in traffic, which makes the world a lovelier place. It’s all for a good cause. Humor keeps the world from imploding. Humor keeps the foul-mouthed from exploding. There are a lot […]

The World’s Greatest Self-Improvement Catalog

The World’s Greatest Self-Improvement Catalog is a book that’s going to be the best, most-read book ever written, but it hasn’t been written yet. Somehow I just haven’t found the right amount of motivation to finish it. There are countless books like it out there already to fill the gap until it is completed, so […]

Laughing Your Horse Off

There are all kinds of scientific studies that say laughing will make you less hungry, or laughing will help you lose weight, or laughing will keep you healthy. But where is the scientific study about what my laugh does to other people? Does it help other people, or does it hinder them? I mean, wouldn’t […]

Identify as a Cowboy Philosopher

I heard some people bashing philosophy the other day. I guess I like to defend those things that get bashed. Philosophy can be really fun. It all depends on the philosopher. Here’s a little bit of philosophy now, so you can make up your own mind: A man sits in a bar peeling the label […]