Music Mood

Bob Dylan probably didn’t know this when he was writing music, but listening to music can enhance the writing experience. Many writers claim they can have no distractions in the vicinity when they write. Some admit they start to write the lyrics of the song they’re listening to, so they can’t listen to anything. Others […]

If I could eat everything…

If I could eat everything… Would I? Would I eat it all? Would I be the ultimate omnivore? Would you, would he, would she? Pie and cake? Truffles and caviar? Would I devour pebbles, boulders, even mountains? Cats and dogs? Dogs and cats? Cows and sheep and fish and chickens? Whales and dolphins too? Would […]

Can You Relate?

You’re a writer. You’re always writing something, whether it’s a list, stream of consciousness prose, a song, a poem, a novel, a screenplay, graffiti on a wall. You love the smell of stationery and stationery stores, paper, pens, printers, and sharpened pencils. Ideas for what to write come in floods. You can’t possibly use all […]