Imagination Is Everything

You know how it goes. It’s night. The lights are off. When you look into the corner of your room, there’s someone sitting there who shouldn’t be there. Whoever it is, they wear dark clothes, and an even darker expression on their face. They don’t move, but you’re staring so intently at this mysterious person […]


Recollections wreck elections. I know there are things needing to be done. Lope to the kitchen. I watch ditches. Sink spirits like a loose cannon. Water cannon. Cold sweat overtakes me. I know there are things needing to be done. Anxiety knew long before as it crowded my brain migraine. Ache eats into my subconscious. Need […]

Why Rap Doesn’t Work In Movies

You’ve seen the scene with Thor totally conquering hundreds of ugly foes. You heard the Led Zeppelin song “Immigrant Song”. You know why the song was chosen: it conveys emotion, it gives the listener a sense of the action on the screen. Not only that, but the song is about Valhalla and other Viking themes. […]