Guest column——”Ask Suzi Uzi”

Guest column——Ask Suzi Uzi, Advice specialist and psychologist   Dear Suzi, Do I have to wear a mask in public? Yours truly truly, Not Scared   Dear Mr. Scared, Your question made me pause. Are you saying you don’t want to wear a mask at all? Are you saying you prefer wearing one in private? […]

Don’t Mention It.

Breaking from the normal thought processes, I’m going to offer some blogging advice: Don’t Mention It. That’s the gist of it. Keep your mouth shut. My blogging advice is to keep your mouth shut. No not really. Not entirely. I’ll explain. For explanation, I’ll offer up the examples I’ve seen, the first of which is […]

How To: Job Interview

How To: Job Interview—20 Easy-to-Remember Hints If showing up 5 minutes early is good, then 15 is better, and 30 is outstanding. Ask if there are any ghosts in the building or on the premises. This question sets a great tone of intrigue which will carry through the meeting. You’ll leave them wanting more. Wear […]