120 Years Old

Photo: The Grumpy Old Dragon He’s super old, but he eats healthy proteins….insects! Since I’m interested in living ’til I’m 120 years old, or more if that’s possible, I enjoy learning tips on being healthy. Whether I follow those tips is debatable. Quite often I find myself victim to the abundant life. There’s so much […]

Air Quotes

Air Quotes were born from sarcasm. Raise both hands up in the air. Make the sign of the rabbit, or the vee, or peace with two fingers up on each hand. Curl the raised fingers down half way, then raise them up again. You just made air quotes. Air quotes tell the person you’re talking […]

Guest column—Ask Suzi Uzi

Dear Suzi, My gluten-free gluteus has a junction malfunction. The breeze is cold. I don’t chemical treat. Is there a natural way to fix it? Naturally, Jean Lowe   Dear Mister Lowe, Jean, Are you aware nature is full of chemicals? In fact, that’s where we get all of our chemicals—nature. Don’t hurt your puny […]