Pulling Out of a Slump

That’s all it takes really. Look above. A picture of a blue-eyed kitten is a great way to deal with the doldrums, the blues, the slump, the blockage, the writer’s constipation. So many names for a low-down mood. So many ways to define sorrows. Why do we do it? Why do we spend so much […]

Guitar Super Hero

I ain’t braggin’ or nothin’ but I can listen to a little piece of a Satriani song and tell you the title of that song. If you’re unfamiliar with Joe Satriani, you might think that’s no big deal. But if you know that very few, extremely few, of his songs have words, then you might […]

Why Science Fiction Owes So Much To Stan Lee

  It occurred to me that there might be someone out there now, or in the future, who wants to know what the big deal was about Stan Lee. Stan Lee is one of the masterminds of science fiction. Granted, he didn’t write every plot for every comic book, but he did present the basis […]

Recently Read: Ready Player One

It’s got some good plot points. It’s fun to read. It has a few moments where I thought, “Yeah! That’s cool!” There were moments too where I couldn’t see how the excessive writing made any necessary addition to the story. Filler, I guess. Do all books have that? Stuff that gets in there that has […]