Zombie Origins

As every child who has ever asked their momma knows, zombies come from spores. Spores are wicked, little gobs of dusty fuzz that cling to the following: the undersides of plants, chewed up gum on the sidewalk, dried up mushrooms, carbon dioxide molecules, political parties, anti-gender tweets, socks, and of course in the vapor of […]

Update Downgrade

Unless you’re completely off the grid, you’ve experienced this before. I call it Update Downgrade. The Information Technology crowd likes to call any change they make to programs an “update”. Reality suggests otherwise. There is often no up in the “update”. It’s only change. But why would they call it change? That’s dull and might […]

Music Mood

Bob Dylan probably didn’t know this when he was writing music, but listening to music can enhance the writing experience. Many writers claim they can have no distractions in the vicinity when they write. Some admit they start to write the lyrics of the song they’re listening to, so they can’t listen to anything. Others […]