A Writer’s Dream, or Nightmare?

O magnificent pen! What joys you bring! Shall I wax poetic about thee, dear pen?   Nah. I’ll save it for poetry hour. However, now that I’ve weeded out all the readers who judge what they read by the first line of anything, I’ll get to the good stuff. Did you know there are ball […]

DON’T read this if you have anxiety

We don’t even notice car crashes anymore because they’re so common. It must be true then, that the things we have in the most abundance are what we take for granted. “3 car pile-up leaves 2 dead, 8 injured.” Says the news. The reply goes something like this: “But what kind of music were they […]

Imagination Is Everything

You know how it goes. It’s night. The lights are off. When you look into the corner of your room, there’s someone sitting there who shouldn’t be there. Whoever it is, they wear dark clothes, and an even darker expression on their face. They don’t move, but you’re staring so intently at this mysterious person […]