Rules of Robotics

Isaac Asimov came up with some interesting rules for robots. I paraphrase them to add a bit of focus and clarity to them. Isaac’s rules of robotics (paraphrased): No robot may harm humanity or allow humanity to come to harm. No robot may harm an individual human. No robot may disobey a command, unless the […]

Air Quotes

Air Quotes were born from sarcasm. Raise both hands up in the air. Make the sign of the rabbit, or the vee, or peace with two fingers up on each hand. Curl the raised fingers down half way, then raise them up again. You just made air quotes. Air quotes tell the person you’re talking […]

Is it too bold to fisk NASA?

Fisking NASA’s take on Climate Change in the year 2017 A.D.: If you want to see what NASA has to offer: I see a good effort at collecting data. The first thing they show is a graph about carbon dioxide. Apparently that perfect little combination of carbon and oxygen is on the rise. In […]