Pulling Out of a Slump

That’s all it takes really. Look above. A picture of a blue-eyed kitten is a great way to deal with the doldrums, the blues, the slump, the blockage, the writer’s constipation. So many names for a low-down mood. So many ways to define sorrows. Why do we do it? Why do we spend so much […]

Positive Words Dominate

My favorite positive-sounding words in alphabetical order: Adventurous Brilliant Clean Delightful Energizing Fun-loving Gorgeous Healthy Impressive Joyous Keen Laughter Masterpiece Nutritious Optimist Power Quality Remarkable Spirit Tremendous Uplifting Vital Wonderful Xenosthesia Yummy Zippy So, once you have a list like this, what do you do with it? I try to use one of these words […]

Evolution vs. Entropy

Generally speaking, and simply to clear up any misunderstandings before they happen, evolution is another word for “steady progression”, while entropy means “deterioration”. Mathematically, they can’t coexist in the same system. You can’t have entropy and evolution working together. They will always work against each other. One fun way to look at it is: take […]