Guest column—Ask Suzi Uzi

Dear Suzi, My gluten-free gluteus has a junction malfunction. The breeze is cold. I don’t chemical treat. Is there a natural way to fix it? Naturally, Jean Lowe   Dear Mister Lowe, Jean, Are you aware nature is full of chemicals? In fact, that’s where we get all of our chemicals—nature. Don’t hurt your puny […]

Room for More

I woke this morning and skipped the common starts. Instead of cereal, I poured milk into the coffee grounds. I grabbed a spoon and started chowing. It was gritty, like Grape Nuts. While I was eating, I figured I’d save some time, so I fit things in between chews in this order: I started the […]

The Great International Baking Show

  It was a beautiful misty day in the U.K. The morning rain was getting lighter and keeping the air moist. “Misting” as we say back where I’m from. I had landed a spot on The Great International Baking Show, a pilot episode of a new program, so I was in the tent with my […]

Living Healthy While Killing The Neighbors

  This is my house, where I live. I don’t have diabetes, but the children in the neighborhood do. As you can see, someone stole my welcome mat. If I ever find out who did it, they’re going to meet the tiny flying products of my shotgun. I make my own shells, and I lace […]