Evolution vs. Entropy

Generally speaking, and simply to clear up any misunderstandings before they happen, evolution is another word for “steady progression”, while entropy means “deterioration”. Mathematically, they can’t coexist in the same system. You can’t have entropy and evolution working together. They will always work against each other. One fun way to look at it is: take […]

The Future for a Song

Sounding like Robert Plant in “D’yer Mak’er”, I told the gal at the deli, “Please, please…put the spicy cheese…on my submarine.” She complied and then followed me around for the rest of the day like my own personal groupie, like a rock and roll dream. Seriously though, and you never know, just where the barchive […]


A short list of some opinions was probably another eventuality. Guns: Living beings have a right to protect themselves. This is not a constitutional right, it’s a universal right. Guns are an effective method of protection. Unfortunately, current Earthling culture praises the use of a gun as an offensive weapon. Strange how they miss the […]