Circular Attacks

The topic of bullying is a circular one. Let’s say you feel like the rich man is bullying you by pouring his finances in anti-you organizations. You protest locally. Change is so slow and seemingly out of reach. But then something twists. A worker at the anti-you organization claims he was bullied by protesters as […]

13 ways to define your love for V-day

Lines for your valentine you won’t likely find in a Hallmark card:   Nerdy: You’re the central node of my network. Country: You’re like fresh eggs and warm milk. City: You’re my 20th floor. What a beautiful view! Fatty: You’re the canned cheese on my cracker. Eerie: Yours is the only mind I want to […]

Le Film Romantique

For Valentine’s Day this year, your first responsibility is to learn French. It’s la langue de la vache. No, no, no. It’s la langue de l’amour. Ha ha ha! Either way, you could get yourself laughed at or in trouble, or both, unless you learn it up good. So learn French. Ready? Go! While you […]