A short list of some opinions was probably another eventuality. Guns: Living beings have a right to protect themselves. This is not a constitutional right, it’s a universal right. Guns are an effective method of protection. Unfortunately, current Earthling culture praises the use of a gun as an offensive weapon. Strange how they miss the […]

Eventually, I’ll Slip

It’s probably inevitable. (Does this count as a legal disclaimer?) Somewhere, somehow, I’ll be voicing an opinion, and BAM!, I’ll say, or write, something that upsets someone. Within everyone is a huge ball of emotions and opinions and probably some spices and undigested scraps that haven’t been explored yet, and I’m no different. I have […]

The Novel and The Literary Machine

Sound Distortion is the name of my first novel. The literary world is a huge, manic, and gluttonous machine. It is a system of obstacles that will make you want to scream into your own ear until you can no longer hear yourself or anyone else. The literary system of agents and big publishers and […]


Definitions are needed. Sometimes we all speak the same language, but the definitions get confused. This is especially evident when ordering up food at your favorite deli. “Do you want some tee?” they might ask. And then when you say, “Yes,” without asking for clarification, they give you a mug with a rolled-up tee-shirt in […]