Positive Words Dominate

My favorite positive-sounding words in alphabetical order: Adventurous Brilliant Clean Delightful Energizing Fun-loving Gorgeous Healthy Impressive Joyous Keen Laughter Masterpiece Nutritious Optimist Power Quality Remarkable Spirit Tremendous Uplifting Vital Wonderful Xenosthesia Yummy Zippy So, once you have a list like this, what do you do with it? I try to use one of these words […]

Frog Sauce

It’s kind of like trying to imagine your own death. You can’t do it. No matter how many deaths you may have seen. Plants. Insects. Animals. Humans. Even if you’ve witnessed the demise of other humans, you’ll be disarmed to try to imagine your own. You’ll suddenly find yourself out of imagination ammunition. You’ll be […]

Tell me an escalator doesn’t look like a playground and I’ll tell you how boring you are.

How to ride an escalator: Approach confidently, do not hesitate. Step onto the first available tread. Grasp the handrail firmly. If you’re escorting children, lift them and place them squarely behind your belt or suspenders, or store them in your purse. Children have been known to slip between the treads of escalators. Children who get […]


Definitions are needed. Sometimes we all speak the same language, but the definitions get confused. This is especially evident when ordering up food at your favorite deli. “Do you want some tee?” they might ask. And then when you say, “Yes,” without asking for clarification, they give you a mug with a rolled-up tee-shirt in […]

Transitional Blues

Does everyone experience this? Transition certainly happens to everyone, but does everyone get the blues? Transition is just a fancy word for change. For instance, when you change jobs, that’s a transition period. Or when winter and spring are both kind of vying for the seasonal control, that’s a transition. When the weather isn’t quite […]