There are a few jobs just begging for robot replacement. Most of them are jobs too dangerous for humans, but some are because the humans who currently occupy the positions are unfit for duty.

Bomb squad, for instance, already has robots on the job. It’s an extremely hazardous line of work, so the robot bomb disabler is a welcome addition to the squad.

Nursing, where contagion is present, would be a good place for robots. No matter how you ran it, a nurse would still need to be present. Such tasks as answering a patient’s questions and ensuring the robot’s accuracy would require a nurse nearby.

Although it might seem like a great idea to have a robot firefighter, they still aren’t as fast, as logical, or as capable as human firefighters. Humans know humans, so it’s still better to have a human saving people who want to rush back in the burning building and “save the cat”.

The robotic congressman/congresswoman has been overdue for many years. Bright is the future of politics, when a politician can no longer be persuaded by the richest lobbyist because what would a robot need from the richest anything? Brighter still is the future when the “congress gives itself a pay raise, again” news headline is no longer heard.

Although it has been circulating that A.I.s will soon be able to write novels, it’s an empty threat. After all, you won’t get the subtle nuances of a writer such as Orson Scott Card, or the grungy dereliction of a high-tech world such as those created by William Gibson, or the seething evil of a Brian Lumley vampire. Reading anything from an A.I. will be fairly transparent—though the same A.I. might be more exciting at a book signing! Ha!

Even though some people fear the idea of being policed by robots, they could still be better in certain situations. A robot with an A.I. brain can be unbiased, non-racist, completely fair. And we wouldn’t need to put up a white cross on the side of the highway for a downed robot.

We already have robot vacuum cleaners, but we need one to quiet the dogs in the neighborhood at night. Maybe a unit that sprays skunk scent toward the annoying nipper. There could also be a robot that cleans up the yard for pet owners. And of course, for lazy people, a robot that walks the dog.

Last place to mention where replacement is needed, but certainly not least, there’s the DMV.

Published by Kurt Gailey

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