Tax Me, I Like It

Happy tax season!

Ever wonder where your taxes are spent? American federal taxes are divided 6 ways:

  1. Social Security, Medicare, other retirement
  2. Social programs
  3. “Infrastructure”
  4. Law enforcement and general government expenses
  5. National defense
  6. Net interest on debt

The most distressing to me is that the sixth is for paying interest, but not (?) for paying off debt. Is that for real?

I, like any good American, have a solution for this: until the debt is paid, suspend all congressional and presidential wages.

It’s called motivation.

Of course there would have to be a clause on this new law that no retirement to any former presidents or congresspersons will be paid, until the federal debt is eliminated, and that no new debt can be entered into unless it can be paid off within the same month it was generated. Easy. And the main reason for the clause would be to prevent these old farts from trying to skip out on their responsibility and retiring instead of staying in office. You know there would be someone running to their safety net instead of helping fix the problem.

Another distressing thing is that they don’t say what the loans are used to purchase. Where is that money going? America is supposed to be the richest nation on the planet. Why is there any debt at all? It’s not a smart move to take a loan in the first place. Who are these less-than-qualified people we have serving in the government? Don’t they know how to save up for a new car/house/washing machine instead of taking out a loan?

Capitalism is supposed to work with at least ten percent of your income going to savings. Tony Robbins says so. Why doesn’t the government listen to him? Wouldn’t that be great if one of the six items above was: “Ten percent of taxes go into an interest-bearing savings account”? We could make our money do some of its own work.

Ah, well, in a perfect world…

Published by Kurt Gailey

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