Circular Attacks

The topic of bullying is a circular one. Let’s say you feel like the rich man is bullying you by pouring his finances in anti-you organizations. You protest locally. Change is so slow and seemingly out of reach. But then something twists. A worker at the anti-you organization claims he was bullied by protesters as […]

Silent Lullaby

Depending on where you’re living, the world can be a clamorous place. Ostensibly endless streams of digital diversions try to capture your attention. Cleverly disguised ads masquerade as entertainment. Forever-selling sales channels vie for your dollar. This Christmas, tell the stentorian advertisers you don’t have dollars. Say you only have pesos and watch them run […]

Air Quotes

Air Quotes were born from sarcasm. Raise both hands up in the air. Make the sign of the rabbit, or the vee, or peace with two fingers up on each hand. Curl the raised fingers down half way, then raise them up again. You just made air quotes. Air quotes tell the person you’re talking […]