Daylight Saving Time Fools Pranks

1. Find someone who speaks a foreign language: French, Urdu, Japanese, whatever. Tell your pet DST Fool that you suspect shifting clocks has put you in a different time zone. Have the foreign language speaker call them on the phone several times during the day. Sit back and watch your Fool get super confused. 2. […]


I’ve been off DST (sounds like a bad drug, doesn’t it?) for a week now. It feels just fine. I don’t see any difference…except…my short fuse with other people who…well, I better take it down gradually. Since I love people, I don’t want to start insulting anyone. However, there was a time this past week […]

Why I Refuse To Do DST

(If you’re thinking this article is too long to read, there’s a summary. Scroll down and read that.) Let’s start with the name: Daylight Saving Time. It’s a misnomer. It may have to do with time, but it does not save daylight. We haven’t found any way to alter time at all, let alone bottle […]