I’ve been off DST (sounds like a bad drug, doesn’t it?) for a week now.

It feels just fine. I don’t see any difference…except…my short fuse with other people who…well, I better take it down gradually. Since I love people, I don’t want to start insulting anyone. However, there was a time this past week when someone said something that made me either want to slap my forehead or their face. When you want to wake someone up quickly, you slap their face, right? It works in the movies.

Gradually, chronologically:

My wife was first. She puts up with my weird ideas, and there’s really no end to my gratitude for her. She did tell me I was crazy for not switching my clock with everyone else. She asked, “Why do you do this to yourself.” And all I could think of in reply was, “Because I can.” Underneath my simple response is the idea of being a free spirit. Freedom is worthless unless you exercise it.

Then there was my boss. I told him I was going to be on a different time than everyone else, and he was totally on my side. See, he comes from Arizona. They’re smart in Arizona; they don’t do DST. Plus, he told me that it messes up his dog the most. He takes his dog for a walk at the same time every day, except of course when the irrational masses shift their clocks. Then his dog doesn’t know what’s going on.

There was my friend Garrison, who said something like, “They’re trying to vote on doing away with Daylight Saving Time.” That was a head-slapper. We were having a conversation, and I had already told him that I was off the DST for good. My whole point was that you don’t have to wait for anybody to vote. If you’re tired of shifting your clock unnecessarily, then STOP. If you’re an adult person in a free country, you don’t have to wait for someone to tell you what to do or when to do it. Take charge of your life already.

He’s still my friend, even though I get mean on him sometimes. He returns the mean, believe me. I did not slap his face.

Anyway, other than those who I told that I was not on DST anymore, no one really knows, do they? I mean, it’s not like they can look at me and recognize, “OOO, he looks like a non-DST kind of guy.” It’s one of those subjective things.

It would be funny though, if someone picked me out of the crowd and got insanely jealous, “Why do you look so rested?!”

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