Funny Tweets


It’s funny.

Everything’s funny, really.

I can’t admit that I get out much. I’m the infonet version of a couch potato. My explorations into the far reaches of the infonet have yet to begin. If I were to draw you a map of the web I’ve visited, it would be a single line. Twitter? Yep. Wikipedia? Never. I avoid it like a plague. WordPress? Of course! Faceboogie? Sometimes. Darkweb? Pssh! Who has time for that? Not me. YouTube? Once every six months, maybe. Although I must admit, I watched a couple hours of Joan Jett videos one time. Would that be considered a binge? Probably.

I’ve seen the Kid Snippets and Bad Lip Reading and Studio C. All of those are worth your time, for sure. You wanna laugh? Check out any one of those on YouTube. For the most part, they hold up. They’ll get you chuckling.

The main thing I want to get across here is that even though I don’t extend my interests to Soundcloud and Goodreads, I can see that there are people who sincerely enjoy those sites. In fact, there’s a fellow named Fred Nolan who did a Soundcloud compilation of my one-liners for me. The best way to let you sense what I mean is to link it here:

Funny Tweets

Fred and I hope you get a laugh or two out of it.

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