Saturday Morning Cartoon Time


When you’re  a child, time is divided into categories: breakfast time, school, recess, dinner time, bed time. Time is this nebulous concept, because there seems to be no standard for the divisions. It’s only when we learn about hours, minutes, etc. that we start to develop a sense of length in time.

There’s time enough in a day to do a lot of things. But there’s also time enough to waste. One great stress reliever is to just veg-out in front of some cartoon fun.

Cartoons even have their own sense of time. I was watching Transformers with my boy and the Decepticons and the Autobots both have ways to travel through space and time. Its fun to imagine what you would do if you had one of those portals. My day job would be so much easier. Flying through space as if there’s no time barrier at all. That would be amazing. And vacation time? Forget about it! We could go visit our family and friends all over the world with the travel time at its ultimate minimum. Leisure time at maximum.

In fact, as far as Saturday morning leisure time is concerned, if I had a portal system, I wouldn’t even have to leave the couch ever. I’d open up a portal big enough for the cereal cupboard, get the cereal out, then open up portals to the bowls and spoons. And forget the fridge, I’d open up a portal to the cow and get milk on my cereal straight from the udder!


Well, and now with that thought, I’ll leave you to have fun with your own imagination…What would YOU do with a portal through space and time? The possibilities are immense!

Published by Kurt Gailey

This is where I'm supposed to brag about how I've written seven novels, twelve screenplays, thousands of short stories, four self-help books, and one children's early-reader, but I'd rather stay humble. You can find out about things I've written or follow my barchive (web archive, aka 'blog) at or follow me on twitter @kurt_gailey. I love sports and music and books, so if you're an athlete or in a band or you're a writer, give me a follow and I'll most likely follow you back. I've even been known to promote other people's projects.

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