Definitions are needed. Sometimes we all speak the same language, but the definitions get confused. This is especially evident when ordering up food at your favorite deli. “Do you want some tee?” they might ask. And then when you say, “Yes,” without asking for clarification, they give you a mug with a rolled-up tee-shirt in it. This happens too often. And it isn’t at all appetizing. So, to share a few of the more recent definitions, here is a list of commonly used words along with their current definitions.

Campist: someone who indulges in, obnoxiously pushes, or even flaunts their own, campy entertainment. Campy entertainment is further defined as out-of-date, silly, novelty entertainment. A lot of rap music, for instance, falls under all three of these traits. Elvis impersonation.

infonet: this is really another name for the “internet”, though infonet avoids that stuffy, word-nerd tendency to correct you and preach to you why “internet” should be capitalized. Pfft!

Time-fool: someone who sets their clocks back in the fall. (Watch out! I’m not the only one promoting this. Don’t become a time-fool. Keep your clocks where they are.) As in “Daylight Saving Time” Fool.

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