Transitional Blues


Does everyone experience this? Transition certainly happens to everyone, but does everyone get the blues? Transition is just a fancy word for change. For instance, when you change jobs, that’s a transition period. Or when winter and spring are both kind of vying for the seasonal control, that’s a transition. When the weather isn’t quite winter, but not quite spring yet either, I know a lot of people get the blues. Of course, there are the completely crazy people who will stare at the sky as it’s raining and snowing at the same time, and they shout, “Give me summer!”

I guess I could see how they might be frustrated. Transitioning from winter straight into summer, though? That would drive me crazy. Maybe I have a little more patience. In fact, I don’t mind waiting out the blues. I know that even though I’m ready for a new season, and it isn’t happening today, it will still happen. There are signs of it everywhere. And that’s true whether talking about a season of nature or a season of emotions.

A wise man once said that no one can really connect the dots of life while looking forward; we can only connect them while looking back. What that means is, we get the blues during transitions because we are poor predictors of the future. However, if we look back a little, we can see the progress we’ve made. Getting the blues is natural, especially during a transition. As long as we only visit, we’ll be okay. It’s when you decide to live in your sadness that you lose. Life is full of changes. How we handle those changes determines whether we smile through or scream at the sky.

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