Diesel trucks blowing clouds like lonely vape-o-scruffs;

Vape-o-loners sent to the far edges of the property like bad art;

Billowing e-cigarette vapors, misting around and about the scraggle-haired head like some kind of extreme incense addiction;

Sewer drains belching odd steams that warm, and light up the night;

A video from the infonet that challenges and mystifies—only one watches, alone;

The loneliest, surrounded by hordes of ghost gnats;

An industrial incinerator, on the outskirts, sending its carcinogenic treasures back down-wind toward the town from which it was banished;

The contaminated paths, currents of air, changing direction, and finding a home in an unprotected lung;

Wisdom, backward-filtered, contaminated with bias;

A group of friends, fitting the gas masks, tightening the straps, testing the integrity of the valves, so they can go out and see a movie.

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