This weekend’s mountain biking trip was good and fun.

We went up some trails in the Eagle Mountain area. The trail names sound like musical references to me. There’s one called Behind The Boathouse (a Toadies reference?), and another one called Nirvana (the band, or the ascension? probably the band).

Whatever the influence was on the people who named the trails, it was a good ride.

Our total distance was only about 9 miles, but we gained about 1400 feet in elevation, and I definitely got my cardio exercise done. (Huff, puff.)

My friend took a selfie with me in the background at the top of Nirvana, so if he sends that to me anytime soon, I’ll post it here. In the in-between, it’s time for more ascension—a different kind of ascension—the kind that gives me my favorite kind of cardio-vascular exercise.

See you when I come back down!

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