Car Metaphors



Looking for a car metaphor.

Like running the wipers on a dry day. Like driving with your lights on in the daytime. Like putting small wheels on a car and thinking it’s fast. Like taking off the muffler and turning the radio up! Like trading a Ferrari for a Ford. Like throwing the key under the seat and expecting to start the car. Like comparing apples to lugnuts. Like burning down your garage to make the RV fit. Like putting a pizza in it and calling it “air freshner”. Like emptying the gas tank and then telling someone else their tank is empty. Like honking the horn at a deer. Like driving blind. Like decking out the chrome and the window tint. Like washing it one day before rain. Like washing it before you go mudding. Like wishing you could go mudding, but you’re driving a convertible. Like putting diesel fuel in when your car drives on unleaded. Like driving your car into the ocean. Like fossil fuel and new technology. Like racing around only to find you never left your yard.

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