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After reading a rather well-written review* of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I realized a few things. First thought, it was after that movie when lots of dudes started in with the disrespect of Shia LeBeouf. My opinion on those guys is they were just jealous that he was in, not one but, two movies with Megan Fox (then, of course, by the time the third movie was released, their jealousy must have escalated sevenfold).

I remember when the first Transformers movie came out, a lot of dudes were celebrating Shia. They were impressed by him getting the lead role. What could they have possibly thought was going to happen in the second movie? Did these dissin’ dudes think that Shia would be replaced? Did they honestly think that the role would be given to some never-tried-acting dude like themselves?

Second thought, the movie was as plotless as the review said. The movie rumbles through a couple of hours of explosions. It stumbles through some poorly-timed and poorly-executed jokes. A lot of the camera-work is messy, disjointed, amateurish. However, and this is a big however, you have to take in to account the demographic and the source material.

The original cartoons were fairly plotless. Giant robots did battle with each other. That was the main point of the plot. The demographic target for the cartoons, and the movies, are your average everyday boy. Not really the most picky section of society. They like robots. They like explosions. Plot lines are way down on the list of priorities.

As for the claim that Revenge of the Fallen is the worst movie of all time, I could easily disagree. There are movies that are truly difficult to sit through. Grandma Kisses. That one falls off most people’s radar. Or Spanking The Monkey. I can’t even get past that title. Why would anyone want to watch that? Or how about a more recent one? The Spy Who Dumped Me. Did they even try to sell that one in theaters? I never saw it, but I can tell from the title that it is laaaame. How is it that people who make movies can’t tell? Do they have a brain blockage? Are their senses dulled from hours of watching inane film footage? Whatever the reason, it still surprises me that so many movies get made and released and advertised that are obviously bombs. Not bombs as in explosive, but bombs as in standing on stage getting rotten vegetable bombs thrown at you. Anyway, I think by these three examples (and I could cite a lot more) I’ve shown that despite Revenge of the Fallen’s poor quality, it’s still not the worst movie ever.

*There are many, many reviews of this movie. If you like to read, you could read these for hours. The three below are fun to read, but they’re not the one I read that I really liked. Unfortunately, the infonet is a deep sea of text and images. It can be difficult to find things. If I find that well-written review again, I’ll cue it up. In the meantime, check these three out:

Rotten Tomatoes

Roger Ebert


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