6 Funny Video Games


The 6 Funniest Video Games (In my humble opinion):

 1. Worms Armageddon

What’s so funny about worms trying to destroy each other? What’s not funny about worms trying to destroy each other? They never bleed. They’re never fully destroyed. In the process of blasting each other, they say hilarious things, like, “Grab your pineapples and run!” You can change the worm’s accents to the voice of your choice. You can hear them with a Scottish accent, an Indian accent, or even a Cyborg accent. The weapons will make you laugh, from the Banana Bomb to the exploding Sheep. Some of the actions will make you laugh, even when your team is getting the brunt of the punishment. Worms wiggle across the screen. They fall and land face down in the dirt. They get blown up and they spin as they’re flying through the air. Their lips flap as they get blasted. And sometimess you can make them skip across water, like skipping a stone. With all the funny actions and crack-up voices, Worms is one of the funniest games ever.

 2. Crossy Road

The main fun about this one is that when you lose, you laugh. It’s funny to get run over, or blown up, which of course makes you want to play another round. When games are funny, they can be addictive. Crossy Road is my latest addiction.

 3. Rayman, Raving Rabids

It’s no coincidence that this was made by some of the same people who made Worms Armageddon. The hyperbole is strong with this game. The far-out scenarios are hilarious. It’s a fun world to enter, with rabbits that are psychotic—and there’re lots of ‘em. There are different mini-games within the game, but the really fun one is where you have to hunt the rabbbits with a plunger gun. The rabbits come out of flying saucers. They come at you dressed like super spies. They fly around dressed like Superman. They even show up as killer robots. When you shoot them, the plungers stick to their faces and blind them briefly. You end up knocking them down and they just poof and disappear. No blood. No guts. No realistic violence. These are the elements of funny video gaming.

 4. Angry Birds

Even though the unnatural physics of this game can make you angry sometimes, the idea of slinging birds at loosely constructed bricks and wood beams is fun enough to keep a person going back for more, and more, and more. I have to admit, the exploding birds are my favorite. It’s very satisfying, and funny, to watch a bird blow up in the face of a green pig.

 5. Skylanders

The makers of Skylanders, Activision, took great effort in building a world. Their efforts paid off with a variety of characters, and some great voice actors adding their voices to the game. (Patrick Warburton, Hope Levy, Laura Bailey, Richard Steven Horvitz, Courtenay Taylor, Hunter Davis, and Liam O’Brien, to name a few.) One character in particular is a young mole who reacts to all of the playable characters in funny ways. The best one is the reaction to Hex, an undead character. She prompts him and he says, “You are one scary lady…lady.”

6. Plants vs. Zombies

Throwing peas, corn, and watermelons at zombies is terribly funny. This video game came around when zombies were extremely popular in the media. And the folks at Pop Cap did zombies right. They came up with a variety of goofy zombies (that’s better than horrific, isn’t it?). They also came up with a variety of plants. The plants are the weapons. It’s an engaging game. You have to click on suns and money and plants. It starts to move really fast, but while you’re engaged by the strategy there are funny things happening. Your plants get eaten. The zombies get bigger. They start to put on armor. The zombies even dance after they’ve “died”. A cool note about this game is that it has a soundtrack that reminds me of the Love and Rockets song “Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven”.

Published by Kurt Gailey

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