A Bob Ross Positive

It really is easy not to like things. Or rather, I should say, it’s really easy to express a negative opinion about things. Especially art. Especially your own art. Art is easy to dismiss. Art is easy to criticize. It’s easy to find the faults in a piece of art. Everyone with a mouth can […]

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding things usually requires some use of clever intellect. Premeditated hiding. The kind of hiding you did when you were a child playing Hide-and-Seek isn’t so far different from hiding your valuables behind a loose brick in the fireplace. When you try to keep something from being discovered, don’t you put yourself in the perspective […]

Balance for Health

It has been said before (meaning I’m not the first to say), “People with good balance tend to be healthier than those with poor balance.” This could be one of those epidemiological controversies. You have to ask yourself, “Are the people healthy because they have good balance, or do people have good balance because they […]

Choice and Consequence

For every choice, a consequence. Every choice has at least one consequence. Sometimes more than one. Sometimes the result is good, sometimes bad. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes the beginning of really hard times. For a person who recently decided to make a super quick u-turn on a busy street—and finished the u-turn right in front of […]

No time to waste

No time to waste——because there’s no time. It’s an illusion. Or a mass delusion. Charitable offerings: to sacrifice time, to make time, to spend time. But if time is one of our delusions, is the sacrifice a delusion as well? Or could we say the sacrifice is honorable due to the  intent? Intentions rule over ignorance? […]