We Call Louder

Sometimes they don’t answer.

We call a few times.

Then we call louder.

We know they’re out there. We know it’s important that they eat the meal we’ve prepared for them, so we keep calling.

Watch for the signs, you’ll know they’re there too.

Birds suddenly abandoning a perfectly good tree is one sign. Branches snapping is another. If you were in the woods, well, you wouldn’t want to be there, but if you were, you might hear them breathing, and that would be another sign. Your heart beating faster than it ever has would be the final sign before you broke into a fearful run, imagining the claws and snapping jaws reaching for you, the hungered maws and needful paws gaining on you.

You know if you looked back, you couldn’t see them. Despite their size, they blend naturally with the scenery, they blend beautifully with the greenery.

If you did stop and spot one, halt your run, you might swear you were in a children’s story because of how comically large they are. Then again, if you knew what we feed them, and sighted one, then saw how many more were camouflaged and hiding right next to you, you’d realize what kind of story you’re really in.

Published by Kurt Gailey

This is where I'm supposed to brag about how I've written seven novels, twelve screenplays, thousands of short stories, four self-help books, and one children's early-reader, but I'd rather stay humble. You can find out about things I've written or follow my barchive (web archive, aka 'blog) at xenosthesia.com or follow me on twitter @kurt_gailey. I love sports and music and books, so if you're an athlete or in a band or you're a writer, give me a follow and I'll most likely follow you back. I've even been known to promote other people's projects.

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