DON’T read this if you have anxiety


We don’t even notice car crashes anymore because they’re so common. It must be true then, that the things we have in the most abundance are what we take for granted.

“3 car pile-up leaves 2 dead, 8 injured.” Says the news.

The reply goes something like this: “But what kind of music were they listening to?”

We want to know the important things in life.

The current situation in 2020 may have us thinking about, even worrying about, how to avoid a certain disease that has taken lives. Still, and yet, if we looked at all the statistics on the ways we can meet mortality, we may find there are some things more serious than flu-like viruses.

To give you a basis for the statistics, in America, 102 people per day are killed in car accidents. In the same country, an average of 100 people per day are killed by guns, whether accidental or intentional.

In the world, the statistical breakdown of deaths is much different. Guns don’t even make the top ten. 

Top 10 causes of death, globally:

10. Tuberculosis

9. Diarrhoea

8. Automobile collisions

7. Diabetes

6. Cancer

5. Dementia (including Alzheimer’s)

4. Respiratory infections

3. Pulmonary disease

2. Stroke

1. Heart disease

Most of those tell quite the story, don’t they? Sure we may have some genetic heart disease among us, but the sad truth is that we need to take better care of ourselves. We need regular exercise. People who get regular exercise and eat right are less likely to have disease of the heart. And diabetes kills more people than automobiles? Who knew?

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