Near-Life Experience


Is a near-life experience as important to you as a near-death experience?

Or do you assign more significance to the unknown? No one knows what it’s like after death except the already dead, and they’re not usually very conversant with the living. So when we come really close to death, almost dying, which is it we give the most merit, life or death? Are we saying we almost died and the thrill was in the living through such an exciting situation? Or are we saying we should have gone to the other side but didn’t, so now we’re a little disappointed?

🎵Did you ever think, when a hearse drives by…?🎵

Did you ever have a near-life experience? “I almost lived.” What is it like to almost live? What does it look like? Is it to almost do something? Is it to almost experience something? Is it to almost be experienced?

Or is it something more, something deeper, something less easily defined?

Does near-life mean you came close to a power beyond life and death? Does near-life mean you came in close proximity to someone who is immortal? Would an immortal have secrets beyond the simplistic mortal’s knowledge? Could someone who cannot die be considered more full of life? If not, then who?

Is it only those who enjoy life who are full of it? Is it only the imaginative who are full of life? Is it only the rich who are full of life? Is it only the amazing extravert, with his unstoppable sense of humor who has the most life? None of it matters unless we can figure this out.

We have to know so we can examine the nearness of life. Where we find it is where we’ll stay. We’ll hang there. We’ll stay there. We’ll build a skyscraper there and let all of our friends move in. Why? Because we live where life is. And doesn’t one near-life experience lead to another? And doesn’t one near-life experiencer live next to another? Who best to tell all your stories of life to than your best friend in life? Do you share the life that almost was, or the life that still is and always will be?

That’s not the question. The question isn’t to be or not to be either. The major question here is whether it’s more important to you to have almost lived, or to have almost died?

Is it also possible to value them both equally? Could you want one, find it, then want the other one? Could you slide between the two? Climb to the next, almost fall off the ladder, and…and realize you were there. You had it when you almost fell. You had the experience you wanted to find. So when you found it, what became most important to you?

Published by Kurt Gailey

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