True Dreams Never Die


One of my favorite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes: “I hope you can find some consolation from Christianity’s affirmation that death is not the end. Death is not a period that ends the great sentence of life, but a comma that punctuates it to more lofty significance. Death is not a blind alley that leads the human race into a state of nothingness, but an open door which leads man into life eternal. Let this daring faith, this great invincible surmise, be your sustaining power during these trying days.”

He gave this great thought during a funeral. I feel like it applies to life itself, not only the days and hours when we feel closest to death because of a funeral or loss of a loved one. We could live a more full life if we realize death is no ending. We might be a bit more bold, a little more wise, if we didn’t limit ourselves in our concept of life and death.

Another great thought from a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Beautiful, isn’t it? So if you combine his religion above with his imperative statement below that, you can catch a glimpse of his motivation—why he was so self-compelled to raise others. He felt that there was an immediacy to doing good, and that since death is an “open door”, there is no need to fear it. He certainly lived a life of acting on his beliefs. And he did a great deal to end racism. The people who wanted him out of the picture managed only to end his mortal ministry. His spirit lives on. His words live on as well. And because of these two truths, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will continue to influence the human race even after his murderer’s children have come and gone.

Published by Kurt Gailey

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