The Mountain Goat


The Mountain Goat (Another name for a mountain biker.)

There are many tricks we mountain bikers use while riding.

I have a friend, one of my fellow mountain goats, who likes to adjust his seat. He likes to ride high on the ascents. Uphill, he wants a tall seat. When the trail starts going down though, he drops his seat so he can get his center of gravity over that back wheel. Better balance means a faster, safer ride. He’s got skills.

Personally, I just leave my seat down on a low setting. I don’t have to fiddle with it, and I’m able to stand up for the climbs or hang out over the back wheel if I need to.

We both have this mutual friend who is a doctor. He can afford the latest gadgets. It seems like he has a new bike every year. (Am I jealous? Of course, but the topic of this one isn’t bike envy.) He has a seat with it’s own shock absorption, AND…all he has to do to raise or lower it is, like, clench his butt cheeks a certain way, and the seat will adjust for him. It’s the closest thing to having a robot bike.

Something I do adjust—not my seat, obviously—are my pedal settings. I discovered a long time ago that there are two sides to my pedals. I have the kind you can clip into. So on one side of my pedals I have the tightness really tight. On the other side, I like to keep them more loose. With two choices, I can stay clipped in like a set of mountain goats with horns locked in battle, or like a real mountain goat when it sees a mountain biker coming: outta there in a flash of fur and hooves.


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