A short list of some opinions was probably another eventuality.

Guns: Living beings have a right to protect themselves. This is not a constitutional right, it’s a universal right. Guns are an effective method of protection. Unfortunately, current Earthling culture praises the use of a gun as an offensive weapon. Strange how they miss the part about being mortal.

Intelligence: It’s rare, but it does exist. Some of us come by it randomly. Some of us come by it only in passing. Others have to work at it. If you use someone else’s lack of intelligence as an insult, then you have a lot of work to do yourself. Cyberbullying is too often done with words like “idiot” and “moron”.

Protests: Protests are a way for people who make videos to insult the intelligence of the common protester who doesn’t have any idea what the protest is about. Refer to the statement on intelligence.

Authors: Authors are stuffy, old weirdoes with little to no concept of hygiene. If you know anyone who calls themselves an author, give them a bar of soap and instruction on how to use it. Writers, on the other hand, are clever people who tend to turn a word into a vista.

Blockchain: Sounds like imprisonment. Looks like it’s an inevitable part of our future. Hopefully it will be better than it sounds.

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