Finding Your Bike

The Apple Airtag is a security device Apple has created to operate with an application on your cellphone. The Airtag is a stand-alone device with functions of the MyTracker app which Apple has used to help people find their phones. The MyTracker application uses the network of all connected Apple products nearest whatever device is the object of the search.

As the Apple Airtag finds its way in the collective consciousness, it gets abused, and finds usefulness.

Airtags have been misused as tracking devices for the purpose of stalking. So not cool, man. So not what Airtags should be used for.

Use one on your keys, your kids’ shoes, your dog, or your wallet—whatever you’re prone to lose—an Airtag can help you find it.

Airtags have even been put in inconspicuous places on bicycles, so if your bike gets “misplaced” or even stolen, you can find where it went. That right there is a great use for an Airtag.

The problem of finding a stolen bicycle has long been without a good solution. Bikes are so often stolen by people who want a free ride. They don’t even have to go very far before the bike is impossible to find.

Airtag could be a cyclist’s new best friend.

Published by Kurt Gailey

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