Food, Or Not Food Two

Of the items in the most recent post, half were not considered food, even if some sickos want to say the other half was edible. Sure, you can eat anything if you have the time and inclination. You shouldn’t have the inclination to eat anything and everything.

Despite any odd takes on the short quiz from last time, here are the definitions of those items listed:

Ricotta is cheese; Regatta is a boat race.

Macaroni is a noodle; Macarena is a dance.

Limburger is also cheese; Lumbar is anatomical.

Chorizo is pork sausage; Camisole is a woman’s vest.

Fondant is used as icing; Fonzie is a character in Happy Days.

Muniere is a sauce; Moonrocks are brought back from the moon by astronauts.

Menudo is a tripe stew; Moondough is kind of like Playdoh.

Poi is a food made from roots; Hoi Polloi are people.

Gherkins are pickles; Gaston is a Disney character.

Basmati is rice; Bourgeoisie are people.

Samosas are meat pies; Symposiums are parties.

Khichdi is a rice dish; Chickadee is a bird (technically edible, but only if you’re starving, because they’re so small, like a starling).

Prego is spaghetti sauce; Yugo is a defunct car manufacturer.

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