Recently Read: Fireborn by Toby Forward

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Fireborn by Toby Forward

This book is fun, fun, fun. The lyrical writing style is a smooth river flowing. It carries you along without any weird obstacles. Race-read this one.

Bee seems to be the main character at first, though the main focus shifts halfway through to another character named Cabbage.

Wonderfully, brilliantly, the children are the true heroes of the story. They make all the most important decisions and discoveries.

The magic is always there. It’s not so complicated as to require excessive description.

Unfortunately, the ending doesn’t feel like an ending. There’s a moderate amount of resolution at the end with a lot left unanswered. Now I have to find the sequel.

  1. Drawing power *

Definitely draws you into the world. It’s almost like the writing is “magical”. Hmmmm.

  1. Interest 1/2 *

Toby Forward’s characterization and plotting makes you want to know how the story goes, but the non-ending ruined this for me.

  1. Offense *

Non-offensive. If you’re squeamish about insects, this story might frighten you.

  1. Range of emotion *

Wide range and realistic drama.

  1. Character *

Advanced character collisions make Fireborn massively entertaining.

  1. Technic *

I’ve already mentioned the lyrical writing style. It is well-deserved to mention it again and to say Toby Forward should continue writing and creating melodies within the literary world.

  1. Length

No ending.

Grand total: Fireborn by Toby Forward receives 5 1/2 stars

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