Skate Park Invasion


(Farce) I visited my nearest skate park today. It had the usual bunch of hooligans and ne’erdowells. I was totally afraid for my wallet. I was even afraid for my women and children, these punks were so ferocious and violent.

(Reality) Actually, while I was there, I saw lots of skaters and one BMX biker, all getting along really well with each other. Nobody was hogging any features. Nobody was even smoking anything, except the tricks, if you know what I mean. One guy had the fakies made out like nature’s butter. Or at least that’s what he told me. I’m not so sure I want to ever see nature’s butter. I don’t mind watching a fake ollie or two, though.

The kid on the BMX was the youngest one there. He had some good tricks, but I could tell he was being timid on a few of the jumps. It’s great to see people making progress. He’ll be even better at it in a few years, as long as he keeps practicing.

Speaking of practicing, I was on my mountain bike, so I tried out a few of the ramps. It was good practice for me too. Spring-time riding makes me feel timid like a ten year old. I needed the practice. By the time I left, I felt like tackling a mountain. In other words, I’m ready for summer now. Wasatch Crest Trail, here I come.

(Farce, Reality, or what?) By the time I left the skate park, I felt the eyes on my back, and all the relieved thoughts, skaters easing up on their tension, punks going back to their mayhem, “Man, I’m sure glad that old mountain biker dude is gone. Now the skate park can be a skate park again, instead of a mountain goat park.”

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